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  • Water-proof……..Breathable!

“It’s like a Gore-Tex for hardscape”!!!

“Advanced Sealant technology!”

  • Like a Ceramic Coating….IT PROTECTS!


A couple years back we were faced with a challenging question, “How can I avoid ‘hot-tire’ tracking‘?
Whether it’s a unsealed pavement, which is more prone to absorb stains, making them more difficult to remove; or an Acrylic or lacquer-based sealer, each have limitations on longevity, UV-breakdown and how well they perform in different climates and conditions.
Then we get more inquiries; ‘These oil stains are so difficult to remove’, ‘I spent hours removing the sprinkler stains on my brick’, ‘My pavers were installed only 3-years ago, why have they lost their color?’ and the list went on and on……..and on……..

A solution was needed!

  • If you spend the $$$, spend a few more nickels and dimes and use MOLECULE DS!

As mentioned, traditional sealers have plenty of upsides…..or TechniSoil wouldn’t have developed our NANOPAVE line of products- they perform…..and IMHO, OUTPERFORM other products……..but these options also have limitations………

A sealant is a sealant, right? NOPE!

1) The most commonly used is a water-based sealer, oftentimes these are acrylic in nature. They work on a variety of pavements and are easy to apply and cleanup.These are called, ‘Film-Forming’ sealers. Although water-based for absorption it is designed to leave a ‘film’ of sealant on the pavement surface for protection. The more of an enhanced/gloss finish, the ‘more’ film will form; which creates the ‘darkening/glazed’ appearance. The biggest challenges with water-based sealers are they aren’t always breathable and can ‘trap’ impurities (such as efflorescence), making them difficult to clean. A bigger challenge is on surfaces with Heavy usage and/or vehicle traffic is ‘tracking/staining’. This can occur if there is an issue with overapplication and other installation errors; the more film, the more acrylic that can ‘pick up’ stains and the dreaded Tire traffic.

“Efflorescence wasn’t trapped between the sealer and paving. MOLECULE made it easy to remove”

  • MOLECULE protects from WATER-OIL-CHEMICAL stains!

2) Lacquer/Epoxy/Xylene Sealers are the ‘go to’ for anyone that wants a ‘wet-look’.It’s really the only option for that aesthetic. These sealers are more or less a ‘liquid plastic’, unlike a water-based sealer, these don’t absorb; they cover the pavement with a ‘glaze’. I use the analogy of using shellac on wood, it takes a dull piece of saw cherrywood and ‘boom’ it brings out every color and grain.Yet, the limitations are certainly ones to consider. The upside, since they put a plastic glaze over the pavement surface the pavement surface is protected from most staining. However, since it is ‘capped’ on the surface it will trap any subsurface stains and is extremely difficult to remove. The biggest Achilles heel is the susceptibility to UV-breakdown. The formulas have advanced over the past quarter century, but YELLOWING, CRACKING and FLAKING will occur over time. Once more, this creates a difficult removal process before a sealant can be reapplied.

So, why develop a product like MOLECULE?

What makes MOLECULE better?

3) Silicates or siloxane sealers. Often used in countertops, tile grout, etc. Although these are breathable, impregnating sealers like MOLECULE, they have limitations. A big ‘RED FLAG’ in our industry is that these sealers often contain components that require a CA PROP65 WARNING– ALL TechniSoil, water-based sealers are 100% Eco-friendly! Siloxanes also tend to not wear as well in exterior conditions, and……

That’s where MOLECULE fills the void

The Siloxane sealers, in numerous setting, will react negatively to Carbon Dioxide, which can cause a chemical blemish (usually white in color) from suspended CO2in the water-droplets- This will require an aggressive removal procedure- NOBODY wants that headache!

  • Some waterproof sealers develop Co2 stains……NOT MOLECULE!


All the benefits of a waterproofing sealer, as easy to use as any traditional, water-based sealer…….

But, ‘The Results Speak for Themselves!’

Shields out the bad stuff, but is breathable and won’t trap sub-surface staining!
​Using a state of the art sealant technology, MOLECULE was initially designed for use on driving and high-use surfaces such as;


….Perfect for any solid surface, indoors/outdoors, and in any climate……
UV- No Problem
Rain and Snow- No Problem
Freeze/Thaw- NoProblem
Wind-driven rain- No Problem

We have you PROTECTED!



MOLECULE DS– Developed to minimize and alleviate;
OIL/WATER STAINS, CHEMICAL STAINING and HOT TIRE tracking CONCERNS. DS stands for DRIVEWAY SEALER…But, it’s so much more!……..it can be used wherever you’d use a sealer and want that added ‘stain’ protection. MOLECULE is a true, long-lasting PENETRATING SEALER!

MOLECULE– Also available in these formulas:

MOLECULE JSS- Joint Stabilizer and Sealer. A water-proofing sealer and liquid polymeric binder for your sand joints! BLOCK OUT THE BAD, LOCK IN THE SAND!

MOLECULE VMS- For vertical applications (block, brick, stone, etc). Alleviate those ugly ‘irrigation’ stains, protects from freeze/thaw and makes any ‘blemishes’ (even paint/graffiti) easier to remove. IF IT CAN’T GET IN, IT CAN’T STAIN!

MOLECULE HARDSCAPE SHAMPOO- A simple, 3-step process to restore pavement that is faded from UV or was never sealed and has lost its luster. BRINGS YOUR SOLID SURFACES BACK TO LIFE!

As with all of our water-based sealers and stabilizers….MOLECULE products are 100% eco-friendly!

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