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From Dust Abatement to Event Parking

Product Summary

Get better air quality and save water with DustCube from TechniSoil.

DustCube is 250 gallons of ready to-use, environmentally safe, liquid polymer emulsion that provides seasonal dust control by adhering small dust particles to larger particles, preventing them from becoming an airborne irritant.

DustCube treats up to a 5000 sf of Dirt-Base rock-Decomposed Granite

DustCube is designed to offer dust abatement to not trafficked surfaces such as;

Unused dirt lots- Undeveloped construction sites- Fields and Farms

DustCube MAX is a cost-effective soil and crushed stone stabilizer for large-scale surfaces

DustCube MAX offers dust control, but also surface solidification, creating a hard surface

DustCube MAX works best with a structural ‘road base’, but also with crushed stone mixes, soil and in-situ material in certain applications

DustCube MAX is perfect for; Temporary event parking, RV storage yards, Secondary driving and parking, Public Park trails, Education and Business commons

*As with all of our products, DustCube is ECO-Friendly


Works Best With:

Dust Control

Product sizes:

  • 250 Gallons
  • 5 Gallons
  • 55 Gallons

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