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Technisoil Products

Discover Technisoil’s extensive selection of cutting-edge products, crafted to elevate your landscape designs and cater to a variety of landscaping needs. From traditional pathways, xeriscaping, and water-smart solutions to hardscape and masonry sealers, and rammed earth elements, we have the perfect fit for your next project.

Pathways, Xeriscaping, and Water-Smart Solutions

Create inviting and eco-friendly outdoor spaces with our innovative pathway products, designed for both durability and style. Embrace the beauty of low-water landscaping with our range of xeriscaping solutions, perfect for creating gorgeous, water-wise landscapes in arid environments.

Hardscape and Masonry Sealers

Protect and preserve the investment of your hardscaping projects with our high-quality hardscape and masonry sealers. Designed to shield and maintain the integrity of various surfaces, our sealers ensure longevity and enduring beauty for your outdoor spaces.

Liquid Weed Fabric

Discover Liquid Weed Fabric, the easy-to-use solution for a weed-free outdoor space without harmful chemicals or synthetic fabrics. Ideal for application under decorative rock, landscape mulch, or synthetic turf, it reduces weed growth and yard maintenance while minimizing pests and fire hazards. Choose Liquid Weed Fabric for a hassle-free and eco-friendly weed control option.


Experience cleaner air and enhanced surface stability with Technisoil’s DustCube and DustCube MAX. Designed for optimal dust control in non-vehicular and light usage areas, DustCube effectively reduces airborne particles. Want to know more? Click the link below and discover how DustCube’s ready-to-use solution and our T-bar applicator can transform your environment.


Discover Technisoil’s TrowelPave, the ultimate solution for pothole and pavement repair. Ideal for DIY, contractors, and municipalities, our products work on asphalt and concrete surfaces, ensuring long-lasting results. Explore the full range and experience the power of TrowelPave by visiting TrowelPave.com.

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