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Springtime Strategy 2024 - TechniSoil

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April can have ‘game-changing’ weather……..on the same day!

Well, happy 2021 everyone! We made it through a rough year, a hard Winter in most places (I reside in Scottsdale, so it’s been pretty darn nice…….but, by late July……refer to our ‘SOME LIKE IT HOT’ Blog from last Summer), but here we are- on the edge of a new landscape and hardscape season.

With each day, the weather will become milder, anticipation for all those projects that missed out on 2020 are waiting in the que, it’s (almost) ‘go time’!

Don’t be fooled by Mother Nature. Spring weather can be unpredictable!

Almost go-time…….because in most of the Country, weather conditions can be challenging. March and April are usually the months where more areas around the Country are ready to break out their shovels, trowels and wheelbarrows. The days are growing longer, the temperatures are beginning to rise, and the opportunity to start your next landscape or hardscape project is so close, you can almost smell that freshly broken ground.

Aside from Rocky Mountain States and the upper Mid-West (and I can attest as a former resident of Western Washington, where ‘Summer’ weather traditionally starts on July 4th…..HA!), where the ending of Winter and the beginning of Spring can be stubborn- I’m talking to you, Colorado! Oh, Colorado, where you can go through all 4 seasons in a single day…….I’m talking from experience, shorts and a t-shirt going to lunch, and 4” of snow on the jobsite by sunset. Weather this time of year is like life…..It can come at you quickly!

But……it was 80 degrees yesterday!

So, although everybody is ‘chomping at the bit’ to get started, there are always precautions to consider before you dive into your first project of the new year. Each time the seasons change, we always have a fine balance that we need to attain in order to assure your project’s results aren’t compromised. Last Summer we wrote a blog regarding the caveats of applying water-based products in the heat of the day (https://technisoil.com/blog/some-like-it-hot-some-sweat-when-the-heat-is-on/).

In the Fall, towards the end of the landscape season, our blog focused on taking into account the oncoming cold temperatures (https://technisoil.com/blog/winter-is-coming/)…….

Now, with Spring approaching at the end of March we are here to address some of the key factors to assure you garner 100% results on your next project.

Make sure and follow your local forecast!

There are 3 key factors that always need to be addressed, regardless the season, when using any of our product lines;

  1. Precipitation
  2. Temperatures
  3. Curing times

PRECIPITATION– ‘April showers, bring May flowers’….I remember singing that song in Nursery School, but after 50 years the song still holds true. Springtime can be temperamental, and the forecast for rainfall should be addressed before starting your project. We always recommend a 72 hour/3-day window of ‘rain-free’ weather, especially after installation. This is based on our ‘optimal temperature’ ranges of 55-90 degrees. However, a variety of our products can often be applied and cure ‘quicker’. For instance, our SEALER lines; NanoPave and MOLECULE (the JSS versions of each often require a minimum of 24 hours), can be fully cured within 4-12 hoursEkoFlo Permeable Pebble Binder is another product that can often cure ‘overnight’.

*CAUTION* is key when using our G3 products, BarkBinder and NanoPave JSS in ‘wider’ joints; mainly because we are applying more water-based liquid, which in turn requires a longer evaporation process– with these products, depending upon weather, shading, etc, might even take longer than 3 days to cure.

Always ‘prepare for the worst’ scenario, at the very least make sure you have a tarp (or even an inexpensive ‘painter’s plastic) to cover the surface if it hasn’t fully cured and rainfall is expected- just remove the tarp after the rain has subsided so it can continue the evaporation/curing process. If you’re uncertain……give our Tech Support Department a call, they’ll be able to offer the best advice and recommendations.

Hope for the best (weather), but plan for the worst

TEMPERATURES can be a wild card, especially during the seasonal transition in the mountain and Northern States. Even as daytime temperatures can start climbing, we still need to heed the warnings of low nighttime temperatures. Any temperatures below 55 will ‘slow’ the curing process, and any temperature below 40 could adversely affect the efficacy of our water-based products during the curing stage. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. If you can wait a few days…..even a few weeks to assure an better ‘weather window’, your chances for a successful project will greatly increase.

CURING TIMES Since all of our products (excluding EkoFlo and TrowelPave) are water-based, evaporation is the key component to the curing process. In warmer weather, especially in optimal temperature ranges, most of our products will be fully cured ‘overnight’; our sealants can cure within as little as a few hours, but larger G3-treated areas will require ‘at least’ 6 hours before any topical applications, but often it’s best to wait until the following day. Springtime in most of the Country will have dynamic temperature fluctuations, even during the same day. So, always consider factors such as daytime high temps, cloud cover, wind, and other variables that may affect the curing process.

Might need to wait for better weather……..

As we mentioned early regarding precipitation and temperatures, it is always wise to err on the side of caution to assure adverse variables don’t impact your project-

When in doubt, give our Tech Support Department a call!

As May approaches and warmer weather is more prevalent, most installation concerns regarding the ever-changing conditions during ‘Springtime’ will subside. Areas such as Southern California, the Desert Southwest and most Southern States will often encounter fewer obstacles than the Upper Midwest, Northeast, the Rockies, and areas that are prone to more ‘fluctuating’ Spring-related weather. Regardless of what region of the Country your project is located, planning ahead and addressing any possible seasonal variables, will save you a lot of time, money and resources.

There is a silver-lining on the horizon……Landscape season is almost here for EVERYONE!

So, as we approach the landscape season full-bore and with zeal, always take into account any ‘negative variables’ that could affect your project(s). We offer through our website details of each product; how to install, what to do and what not to do- the main sources that are helpful are our INSTALL GUIDE and FAQ section, where most any question regarding the recommended usage of each product are discussed in full detail. But, if you are uncertain or want further clarity, our Technical Support Department is available to assist from 7-4PM (PST) Monday-Friday @ 877.356.2250 x 2. If you need to contact us during the weekend or after hours, please email any questions/concerns to info@technisoil.com and we will respond to your inquiry ASAP! It is our goal to offer our customers high quality, easy-to-use products, backed with 110% support. We continually strive to help assure that each and every project, regardless of scope or size, attains optimal results each and every time.

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