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Want durability and permeability? Go with the ‘Flo’! - TechniSoil

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Looks great! Offers up to 95% water permeability!

Looking for a beautifully unique pavement that’s also functional? Let us introduce, EKOFLO Permeable Pebble Binder! EkoFlo-treated pebbles are durable in all seasons (rain, snow, sleet or shine), as well as being UV-stable. Unlike epoxies and traditional, resin-bound products; EKOFLO will not yellow, flake or crack over time. It’s also very easy to install!


What types of projects can you use EkoFlo?

Almost too many to name. The options are limitless.   

Mainly, EkoFlo is used in landscape and hardscape applications;

  1. Patios
  2. Pathways
  3. Joints between concrete or stone*
  4. Around Pools and water features
  5. Tree Wells
  6. Fire Pit seating areas
  7. Maintenance-Free landscape cover
  8. In ANY area where water drainage is required
  9. Even boat/RV storage, parking and Light vehicular applications <When used with a ‘geo-grid’ underlayment>

What are the benefits of using EkoFlo?

  1. Remains solid in ALL seasons
  2. Allows for 95% water filtration (porous pavement)**
  3. On-site water retention and storm-water management
  4. Long-lasting with easy maintenance
  5. Eco-friendly and will not leach chemicals into the soil***
  6. UV-Stable
  7. Easy-To-Use
  8. Freeze-thaw stable****
Landscape cover……Jointing material……..or full Field Coverage.

The only limitation with EKOFLO……..is your imagination!!!!

Not only is an EKOFLO-treated surface beautiful and resilient, it’s also functional. Permeable pavements and surfaces are of benefit to applications in arid or wet climates. Water retention and management concerns have led to many States/Municipalities to adopt ‘incentive’ programs to homeowners and developers alike to utilize permeable surfaces and alternative pavements- EKOFLOclicks all the boxes!

Municipalities are offering incentives for replacing high water use landscape with permeable alternatives. More homeowners are taking advantage……as well as City Parks, Schools and Public Spaces

What material works best with EKOFLO?

1)Beach pebbles

2) Pea gravel

3) River rock

……and almost any ‘water-washed’, rounded pebble. It also works great with tumbled, recycled glass!

What pebble sizes are suitable and recommended to use with EKOFLO?

The most commonly available size is 3/8” diameter pebble/pea gravel, which we’ve found work best in almost any application. Smaller sizes such as, 1/8” or ¼” also will work well. While ½” is our largest recommended size and is usually recommended only for landscape applications- not enough contact points and more difficult to thoroughly mix. Avoid ANY Pebble large than ¾”!

*Most landscape yards usually offer 1 or more pebble options that are suitable for use with EkoFlo  

At TechniSoil we now offer 3 qualified ‘pebble options’ in 50 lb bags and 2000 lb super sacks

From 50 Lb. bags up to 2000 lb Super-Sacks. (5 sf. of coverage/ 50 lbs. of pebbles @1.5″ depth)

Do EKOFLO pebbles require to be cleaned before mixing?

Most of the time, YES. All ‘BULK MATERIALS’ or pebbles that are not TRIPLE-WASHED and bagged/super sacked, although washed on sand and sediment at the quarry, will always have dust/residue on the surface and therefore needs to be cleaned.

If you utilize a double or triple-washed pebble most of the time they will be ready to use without the need to clean. OUR ‘Bagged Pebbles’ are maintained in a dust-free environment and require very minimal cleaning.

Are CLEAN pebbles required?

YES!!! That’s 3 exclamation point, so you know we’re serious……HA! But truly, not only will dust/sediment affect the aesthetic by making the surface look dull or ‘muddied’, more importantly it will GREATLY affect BOND STRENGTH and DURABILITY. The dust can absorb more liquid and cause weak spots at critical bond points. When in doubt, contact Technical Support to assure you get the best results possible!

How do you CLEAN pebbles?

Of course, using a triple-washed pebble will guarantee 100% suitability and are ideal. However, they are usually more expensive and sometimes not available or practical for every customer. Therefore, cleaning and drying the pebbles might be required. Is it difficult? No. Does it take a bit of time? A bit.

We’ve found that a 2-person crew can wash and stage 1-ton of pebbles (approx. 200 sf. of coverage @ 1.5” depth) in 60-90 minutes

On our online video we show one method- using a 5-gallon pail (with holes drilled in the bottom), which works well, especially for smaller areas. But, for larger amounts, using a tarp to stage the pebbles then ‘spray’/ wash-off any dust, sediment or debris might be more expedient.

Mask and cover any solid surfaces to avoid staining. An ounce of prevention……..some ‘Painter’s Tape’ and a tin of Acetone…….will prevent 1000 Lbs. of headache!

How is EKOFLO applied to the pebbles?

The only proper method for the initial application is mixing. EkoFlo is a viscous binder, similar to a maple syrup thickness, this is required to fully coat each pebble. After installation the recommended maintenance is to apply a ‘roll-coat’ (approx. every 2-5 years, depending on usage and weather).

How is the EkoFlo mixed with the pebbles? In most instances, simply using a wheelbarrow and a square edge shovel will be the easiest method. For larger areas use a vertical paddle/Mortar mixer. This method is recommended in areas larger than 2000 sf. For small areas, such as paving joints (between concrete slabs or stone) mixing in a ‘half-full’ 5-gallon pails is most practical and efficient approach- simply mix and poured from the bucket directly into the paving joints (FYI, each ½ full 5-gal will cover 2.5 sf. or 10 linear feet of 3” wide joints)

*Avoid using a drum/cement mixer. It cannot adequately coat each pebble effectively

UNLIKE LACQUERS AND EPOXIES. EKOFLO won’t yellow, crack or flake!


Can EkoFlo be poured on ‘already in place’ pebbles?


There are several reasons why……

  1. Clean pebbles are required for proper bonding and aesthetic reasons. In place pebbles, even if recently installed will have dust/sediment’ on the surface and can affect bond-points and can create a ‘muddy’ appearance
  2. If the material was ‘thin’ enough to spray/pour, gravity would filter 90% of the binder through the pebbles, leaving inadequate bonding
  3. Pouring is inefficient. Other companies have tried this method and the cost is 2-3x more than EkoFlo and the results are inconsistent.
  4. EkoFlo must be mixed at a 50:1 ratio (i.e. 50 lb bag of pebbles- 16oz. EkoFlo Binder) to assure proper bonding and permeability. Applying EkoFlo outside of our recommended ratios of liquid to pebble can create issues.
Always remember; USE A SUITABLE PEBBLE, PREPARE and PLAN,FOLLOW MIXING GUIDELINES…….when in doubt, give our Tech Department a call

Will EkoFlo work with decomposed granite or screened, decorative aggregates?

No. Decomposed granite contains too much stone dust/fines and cannot be adequately mixed. Decorative stones (crushed/screened aggregate) has inconsistent bonding points and isn’t recommended for pedestrian applications. But, in some instances it can work in certain landscape-only applications, such as tree wells, planter beds, etc.

*A water-washed, rounded pebble offers consistent bond points and is easier to clean.

**There are a few companies that sell a ‘pour-on’ polyurethane, so it is ‘possible’ to apply to ‘in-place’ pebbles. But, it doesn’t coat each pebble fully to produce a very durable surface, and often costs 2-3 times more per square foot than EKOFLO


Is an EkoFlo-treated surface suitable for vehicular traffic?

In most instances, No. Since the Surface is permeable, there are too many void spaces to provide  enough structural support for the ‘point-load’ of a vehicle- too much weight. In most instances a golf cart or maintenance vehicle will be light enough, but EkoFlo-treated pavement is best suited for foot traffic only.

<Light vehicular traffic if used with a ‘geo-grid’ underlayment>

Geo-Grids can provide up to 6500 PSI!


*Avoid wet conditions and never mix with wet pebbles

**EKOFLO-treated pebbles are designed for full water percolation. The benefit is the sub-base (especially when using a drainage base-rock, such as #57 aggregate) will become your retention area/French drain, alleviating the need for complex and expensive drainage systems.

***Once cured, EKOFLO binder is 100% EPA-compliant and will not leach chemicals into the soil and/or groundwater. Safe to use near water, trees, gardens, etc. Protective clothing and covering adjacent solid surfaces is highly recommended during the application process.

****With proper sub-base and installation, it is nearly impossible for freeze-thaw conditions to affect the EKOFLO-treated surface.

*****Although UV-Stable and not soluble, EKOFLO-treated pebbles will require a maintenance coat to maintain aesthetic and durability (usually every 3-5 years). If the surface has lost most of its ‘luster’ or has a small amount of loose pebbles, that is a definite sign that a maintenance coat of EKOFLO would be needed.


Please review our Install Guide, Brochure, FAQ, and VIDEO section regarding preparation before starting your installation. When in doubt, contact Technical Support @ 877.356.2250 x 2 for further assistance.

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