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How to choose materials for a backyard patio or walkway - TechniSoil

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NanoPave JSS is a joint stabilizer and sealer, meaning NanoPave JSS works to “glue” the sand placed in between pavers, natural stone, bricks or flagstone when building a walkway or patio.

The real ingenuity of this product is that NanoPave JSS can stabilize decomposed granite (DG) joints up to 4” wide.  This means you can create a variety of designs with pavers, natural stones, bricks or flagstones when creating your patio or walkway!

There are many different choices in materials when creating a new walkway or patio. So, let’s talk about how to choose which type of material is right for you.

First, you must decide whether to use pavers, natural stones, bricks or flagstone. There are advantages and disadvantages to each which I’ll breakdown below.


  • Advantages: Consistent thickness and clean look
  • Disadvantages: Less natural looking

Natural Stone:

  • Advantages: Natural look
  • Disadvantages: You need to work the stone to get it to fit together like a puzzle

Next, you must choose which joint material to use. Some common choices are Masonry Sand, playground sand, decomposed granite, or a crushed stone mix.

Here are our top 3 choices in joint materials to use in a walkway or patio project:

  1. Decomposed Granite
  2. ¼” minus Crushed stone
  3. Jointing Sand

Now, all you need is to install NanoPave JSS and you have a beautiful and durable walkway or patio to enjoy.

Our TechniSoil team has made some changes to NanoPave. We have changed the names of the

breathable sheens. What was Ghost is now Natural Look Finish and what was Gloss is now Enhanced look Finish. We have also reformulated the packaging so that it is completely air tight and keeps the product inside ready for use.If you have any questions about installation, how to choose the right materials or on any changes made to NanoPave JSS email us at info@technisoil.com or visit our Contact Us page.

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