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G3® Pathway Stabilizer - TechniSoil

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The Pioneer. The Flagship. The Original.

10 years ago, we introduced to the landscape supply market an easy-to-use, DIY-friendly solution for stabilizing and solidifying decomposed granite (DG) and crushed stone mixes for landscape and hardscape projects: TechniSoil G3 Pathway Stabilizer.

Manufactured in the USA
EPA-Compliant and Environmentally Safe
Easy To Use

Now, we weren’t the only ‘soil stabilizer’ on the market, but it was our goal to offer a product with a simple application process that would produce exceptional quality and consistent results. Since that time we’ve made ‘upgrades’ to enhance the product, making it more durable, longer-lasting and producing optimal results. Our most recent version of G3 Pathway Stabilizer utilizes a nano-technology which assists in a stronger and more consistent bonding of the crushed stone mixture.

G3 is offered in the original G3 Pathway Stabilizer formula (residential and light-use), as well as G3 Commercial Surface; which is designed for heavier use and commercial applications.

G3 Pathway Stabilizer

What does G3 Do? G3 products are designed to stabilize and ‘solidify’ decomposed granite and a wide variety of other crushed stone mixes. Stabilized materials create less dust, resist tracking of loose materials, and are protected against material loss due to standard erosion.
Please ask your local TechniSoil dealer or call us (877-356-2250) directly to help find suitable mix options or what product and material would be ideal for your application.

What’s G3 used for?

  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Landscaping
  • Multi-Use Paths

Backyard Entertainment- Garden Walkways- Commons Areas- Fire Pits- Gazebos- Outdoor Dining

What sets G3 products apart from other ‘stabilizers’?

  • Ready-to-use
  • Formulated to bond fines
  • Inhibits weeds and insects
  • Greatly reduces tracking of loose material
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Easy to follow instructions (used specifically for landscape/hardscape)
All TechniSoil Products are proudly made in the USA

 What if I already have a DG pathway?

G3 can be used on your existing pathway! Whether your project is new, a year-old or even longer than that, you can still use G3 to stabilize and solidify your DG. The process is simple and involves two additional steps:

  • With a landscape rake loosen the top 1-2” of DG
  • Add any additional material to re-freshen the surface (if needed)
  • Then simply follow our installation instructions.

Why do I need to loosen my DG?

For ‘optimal’ results it is recommended for the DG to be non-compacted and loose before applying G3. Here’s why:

  • Loose DG allows for deeper absorption of the binding polymers
  • Pre-compacted DG can easily ‘wash-out’ the stone dust
  • Compacting after G3 application offers better density and a more consistent surface aesthetic
  • Re-creates a consistency of stone dust and aggregate chips (especially on existing DG, where erosion and material segregation are issues)
Decomposed Granite Stabilized Pathway

Does it take a professional to use G3?

Not at all! G3 products were developed for ease of use. If you follow the 5-step instructions for installation you should expect ‘contractor-quality’ results each and every time. It’s our goal to assure your project’s success, so when in doubt, call a TechniSoil ‘Technical Support’ expert at 877-356-2250, ext 2.

What are the most important tips for a first-time installer?

  1. Weather (temperature, rain, etc)
    • Ambient and surface temperature 55-90º F (13-32º C)
    • 48-72 hours before or after any rainfall.
    • Shade, cooler temps, low sunlight will lengthen cure times.
  2. Using a compatible DG
    • 3/8″ minus is ideal
    • Material must have an even gradation of angular crushed rock,
    fines, and stone dust.
  3. Sub-base and depth of DG
    • A structural base prevents damage from expansion and
    contraction. A thinner or thicker layer of treated DG often creates
    insufficient stabilization.​
  4. Applying the proper amount of G3
    • Pathway Stabilizer: 20 ft² per gallon pour-in
    50 ft² per gallon top-coat
    • Commercial Surface: 20 ft² per gallon pour-in
    30 ft² per gallon top-coat
    40 ft² per gallon top-coat
  5. Compacting with a mechanical compactor
    • Compact to 95% or greater using a vibratory plate compactor
  6. Lateral drainage/ No low spots
    •Proper slope/crowning to avoid ponding/oversaturation is critical
    for durability, especially during heavier rainfalls​



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