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You made an investment…It looks beautiful…..Protect it with proper maintenance


You have installed (or maybe you’re thinking about) a G3-Stabilized surface.


You’re one of the 10’s of 1000’s of satisfied G3 Customers!

You’re wanting to avoid concrete, pavers or common options…you want something NATURAL!

For the past 12 years we have manufactured and distributed G3 through our landscape supply dealers.

I can attest, having worked with ‘NATURAL SURFACES’ for the past 2 decades- G3 WORKS!

Well, it works 99.49% of the time when all our preparation and application steps are followed

*There is a method to the madness*

Choose your own PATH…..or patio……or firepit…..or…….

There is a famous quote from the Irish Poet, Oscar Wilde, it’s one that oftentimes is misquoted.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…..”. Sounds ‘nice’, but that quote is incomplete,

the quote continues, “……that mediocrity can pay to greatness”.

Now we’re not a vain company by any stretch, but are proud of the products we have developed and the loyal dealer and customers that continue to use our products.

However, over the years there have been numerous companies that have attempted to piggyback off the successes of our G3 product line– some have even commandeered our product name, some slyly, other a bit more obvious……we seldom see you, but we know who you are! HA!

We’re not tooting our own horn, but if G3 wasn’t such a great product we wouldn’t have competition. In fact, competition is a good thing, it makes us work even harder to offer the best products to you, our CUSTOMERS!

This trail, in a heavily used park in San Francisco is 6 years old, properly maintained…….looking GREAT!

Here’s the $1M question……

Will G3-treated decomposed granite/crushed stone last FOREVER?

Well, as with most everything in the World……


However, it will last INDEFINATELY with proper MAINTENANCE!

How often do I need to maintain a G3 surface?

99% of the time maintenance is directly related to WEATHER and USAGE

Milder climates and low use areas can last 1,2,3 years with little to no maintenance.

Does that mean G3 only works in mild climates?


Some of our biggest markets are in the ROCKIES and Upper MIDWEST-


When you start seeing loose aggregates, it’s time to address a maintenance coat.

MAINTENANCE is the key to assure your G3 surface not only looks great, but is long-lasting

I use the analogy of a small rip in your work pants. If you fix it when it’s small it will be barely noticeable, but if not, it will continue to get bigger and require more work to repair.

The same holds true with a G3-treated surface, maintain and repair when the issue is small- EASY and UNNOTICEABLE!

DON’T wait until it looks like THIS! Small repairs and maintenance are better than a REDO!

How do I maintain a G3-Treated surface?

We mention this in Section XI of our


But, to explain the process is quite easy.

  1. A maintenance coat is recommended to be applied every 1-3 years over the entire surface (sometimes longer, rarely less than) @ 40-50 sf/ gallon- using a pressurized, garden sprayer.
  2. However, between the initial application and 2-3 years down the road, there is always the chance of some TLC, spot treatment, light maintenance. Once again, catch these issues early and it’s very easy to keep looking in A+ condition.
  3. What are some signs that the G3-Treated surface needs some maintenance? The most common is from ‘wear and tear’, when you’ll see some loose aggregate chips and dust grains on the surface…….in heavy weather events there can be some surface erosion, especially from running water (greatly reduce this issue by properly sloping and allowing for ‘lateral’ drainage), perhaps a small ‘pothole’ or channel will occur.
  4. How can loose surface material be treated? For areas (usually heavier used or main thoroughfares) where some abrasion can create loose rock chips and sand grains to appear on the surface, simply sweep or leaf blow away, and ‘spray’ the G3 product on the affected surface– VOILA! Like a new wax job on the car or a fresh coat of paint, the surface will be re-hardened and will blend in seamlessly.
  5. How about erosion, potholes, channeling (usually occurs next to edging that is higher than recommended, or lack of lateral drainage)? If you catch it ‘early’, it’s easy! 99% of the time these types of repairs are from channeling (even if installed to the letter, Mother Nature is the boss). These channels are often less than 1” wide and 12” long.  A) Simply place some fresh DG/crushed stone into the displaced area B) ‘Spray’ with G3. C) Pat down with the side of your hand and it will blend in well (these areas are small enough it doesn’t require compaction).
  6. What about larger repairs? Well, stuff happens, and if that small repair is left untreated it can become a ‘bigger’ repair. Never fear, we can still easily address these issues as well. Let’s say that 1”x12” channel goes untreated, and becomes a 8”x 16” pothole (although I’d never recommend letting the surface degrade to this degree), or if there are numerous potholes and channels, it is still a fairly easy process. A) Remove any and all loose DG from the eroded areas (preferably 1” or more in depth. B) Then, we simply treat these repairs like ‘potholes. We’ll make a ‘PREMIX’. Add DG and G3 in a 5-gallon bucket, until you attain a ‘sandcastle’ sand density (where it holds together), C) Place the mixed material into the ‘pothole’ and use a hand-tamper (if the surface is larger than 12”x12”), or in most instances it will be small enough to use a small block of 2×4 to ‘compact’ in by hand.  
Oil change for the car, paint for the house……..maintenance for your hardscape…..

We have projects that are 6,10 years0-old, some and even OLDER! How did they last?

The G3 surface was well MAINTAINED!


We have….







(when in doubt)

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