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Safety Information

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended for application:
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses

Coverage Rates for DUSTCUBE

  • 10-20 Ft2 / Gallon (.5sm/ L)
  • Up to 5000 Ft2 (464.5sm/per DustCube
  • 1/10 mile (.16k) of single lane driveway

Recommended Tools

  • Forklift to load or unload DustCube

Suitable Applications / Materials


  • Driveways
  • Parking areas
  • Roads (farm/secondary/private)
  • Trails
  • Open fields
  • Job sites


  • Base rock (crusher run)
  • Crushed stone mixes
  • Dirt

Top Tips for DUSTCUBE


  • Use a forklift with a lifting capacity of at least 3000 lbs (1360kg) to load or unload when any DustCube liquid is present
  • Center DustCube(s) directly over truck or trailer axles to ensure safe transport and prevent equipment damage


  • Securely fasten DustCube into truck or trailer bed area with heavy duty tie-down straps or chains and binders
  • Secure DustCube ball valve and vent cap
  • If vehicle (truck or trailer) used for transportation is equipped with adjustable air bag suspension, engage accordingly to safely haul DustCube(s)
  • IMPORTANT! Failure to properly load and secure DustCube before transporting can result in unsafe driving conditions or accidents


  • Make sure the vehicle path is clear from any live animals or people.

Installation of DUSTCUBE

  • DustCube can be applied with our T-Bar Applicator or any equivalent equipment, such as; Water Buffalo, Water Truck, etc. DustCube will cover up to 5000 sf./ ‘Cube’ (approximately 20 sf./ gallon). For a more durable application use a mechanical/drum compactor 45-90 minutes after the initial application. For optimal results apply a second coat of DustCube @ 5000 sf./ Tote the following day as a ‘TopCoat’, which will equate to 2500 sf./ Tote after both applications are completed. The information below is related to using DustCube with out T-Bar Applicator, but is helpful in assessing application methodology With the DustCube securely loaded and the T-Bar Applicator installed, the application process can begin
  • Position vehicle in direction for continual application before opening DustCube valve
  • IMPORTANT! To flow properly, the DustCube cap (located on top) must be vented

Cure Times for DUSTCUBE

12 – 24 hours or until completely dry




  • Disperse all contents of DustCube onto project area before disassembling T-Bar Applicator (even if multiple coats are needed to use all 250 gallons/ 946L of liquid polymer). Unless using a forklift (certified operator), do not move or unload DustCube before evacuating all liquid polymer solution. The DustCube can be stored on a trailer or truck bed for future use, but should not be stored when half full or more for any longer than 7-14 days as the weight of the unit could damage truck or trailer suspension components.
  • Do not disassemble the DustCube T-Bar Applicator over any concrete, hardscape, or asphalt surface as liquid can stain surface area. Park truck or trailer in open area preferably over gravel or base rock before disassembling.
  • T-Bar Applicator can be reused for season dust control, so long as it is disassembled and cleaned thoroughly before storing for future use.
  • It is strongly recommended disassemble T-Bar Applicator only when Drop Tarp is installed underneath. The Drop Tarp will help avoid issues from accidental spills or overspray.


  • To drain DustCube contents for application with a handheld or backpack sprayer, the T-Junction (PART C) can be replaced by the Drain Adapter (PART D). The Drain Adapter provides and easy way to pour off liquid by way of a hose bib. This is also helpful for emptying any remaining liquid from the DustCube before removal from truck or trailer.
  • With DustCube valve in the closed position, unthread Perforated Applicator Bars and optional Extenders in a counterclockwise motion until perforations face directly down. Allow any excess liquid to drain completely before continuing.
  • Once liquid has drained, unthread Perforated Applicator Bars completely and rinse with water (use pipe wrench if needed). If perforations are clogged, use a soft bristle brush to clean so water can pass easily.
  • If storing T-Bar Applicator in original packaging, disassemble each section in the reverse order of original assembly and clean thoroughly.

Storage of DUSTCUBE

Store DustCube liquid out of direct sunlight in areas with a temperature range of 40° – 90° F (4.4-32.2C)


  • DustCube can be applied to complementary surfaces as often as needed


TechniSoil Global, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects. Where permitted by law, TechniSoil makes no other warranties with respect to this product, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. The purchaser shall be responsible to orchestrate their own tests to determine the suitability of this product for their particular purpose. TechniSoil’s liability shall be limited in all events to supplying sufficient product to re-treat the specific areas to which product proven to be defective has been applied. Acceptance and use of this product absolves TechniSoil from any other liability, from any and all sources, including liability for incidental, consequential or resultant damages whether due to breach of warranty, negligence or strict liability. This warranty may not be modified or extended by representatives of TechniSoil, its distributors or dealers, independent contractors, clients or end-users of any kind.