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BarkBinder is a liquid polymer stabilizer that limits wind and water erosion of fibrous, shredded mulch and bark ground-cover products in landscaped areas while helping to preserve their natural appearance. BarkBinder concentrate dilutes with water, providing for an easy spray-on application process that is completely safe for plants, animals, and the environment. Maintaining a beautiful landscape is easy with this cost effective solution for mulch products.

Rain and wind can wreak havoc on mulch planter beds, resulting in expensive and time-consuming replenishments. By locking mulch into place, planter beds not only look better for a longer period of time but they support better water retention for plants, shrubs, and trees and reduce weed growth. BarkBinder topically applied liquid stabilizer acts like hairspray for shredded bark and mulch products, pine straw, and more.

BarkBinder is applied easily using an ordinary handheld pump sprayer. The liquid is water-based, VOC-free, and will not harm an existing landscaped area. The crosslinking bond reduces erosion, but still allows for natural decomposition of ground cover materials along with water transfer to the soil and plant growth below such as bulbs or perennials.-


Before starting a project what should be done to ensure best results?

  1. Calculate the square footage of the project area to determine the required amount of BarkBinder and other material quantities needed.
  2. Select (and test if needed) a suitable bark or mulch material. If you are unsure of material suitability please contact our Technical Support department at 877-356-2250.
  3. Pause irrigation sprinklers and check weather forecast for temperature ranges to ensure there will be not be any precipitation within 72 hours of installing BarkBinder.


How does BarkBinder work?

The liquid polymers present in BarkBinder act like what is commonly referred to as hairspray for mulch. By forging a cross-linking bond between the touching points of fibrous, shredded bark and mulch wood fibers, the ground cover is stabilized and less likely to erode or shift via wind or water.

Will BarkBinder affect the color of the mulch or bark?

In addition to its stabilization qualities, the sealant characteristic in BarkBinder will reduce the greying and fading from typically caused from UV rays. Typically the surface will need to be re-treated with a maintenance coat every 12 – 18 months on average, or any time the ground cover is replenished.

Will BarkBinder prevent washout in areas with flooding or overflow during rain events?

It is important to measure expectations realistically in areas where washout or flooding regularly occur. Fast moving or rising water can easily displace heavy obstacles such as gravel or boulders in many cases. In these areas, it is not recommended to install bark or mulch at all as it almost certain to wash away, stabilized or not. Bark or mulch is far more useful in larger flat areas as a ground cover, especially around plants, shrubs, and trees where the water retention qualities are best utilized.

Can BarkBinder be used on heavier ground covers like wood chips or bark nuggets?

No. BarkBinder is recommended for use on ground cover products that have several touching points such as fibrous, shredded mulch and bark. Wood chips or chunk bark nuggets have very few touch points which reduces the overall cross-linking bond.-


Where is BarkBinder most commonly used?

BarkBinder was designed to stabilize and seal mulch and bark ground cover products in a variety of landscape settings such as tree wells, planter beds, commercial landscaping commons around buildings, flower beds, and gardens. BarkBinder is simple to apply and is used by DIY homeowners as well as landscape maintenance contractors. By reducing maintenance and improving overall aesthetic for a longer period of time, the benefits of BarkBinder save money, time, and labor.-


What tools are required to apply BarkBinder?

The only tools required are a landscape rake (to level out mulch before application), and either a handheld or backpack pressurized sprayer with incremental gallon markings to help with dilution of BarkBinder concentrate.-


What types of mulch and bark works best with BarkBinder?

BarkBinder can be used on an array of different bark and mulch products. Any bark or mulch material that is shredded or fibrous works best, even pine straw ground cover materials. BarkBinder is not recommended for chunk bark, playground fiber, synthetic mulch, or larger sized ground cover.-


Is an edging material required?

Edge restraints are beneficial and recommended whenever possible. Plastic and aluminum edging are the most cost-effective options and will help secure and frame the treated surface. Concrete, stone and pavers are also good edging materials. Edging may also help maintain the mulch or bark during heavy rain events.-


Is BarkBinder a concentrate or ready-to-use liquid?

BarkBinder, as it is sold in 1-gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon, and 275-gallon packaging, is a concentrate. It must be diluted 4:1 with water before use. In other words, for every gallon of BarkBinder concentrate another 4 gallons of water will be needed to create ready-to-use diluted solution.

What is the coverage rate for BarkBinder concentrate?

For every 1 gallon of concentrate BarkBinder, it will cover approximately 125 square feet (ft2). Please note, that 1 gallon of BarkBinder concentrate will make 5 gallons of diluted solution using a 4:1 mix ratio. That results in a diluted solution application rate of 25 ft2/gallon (1 gallon of BarkBinder; 5 gallons of diluted solutions; 125 square feet; 25 ft2/gallon).

Can BarkBinder concentrate be mixed stronger (less water)?

It is not recommended to stray from the 4:1 mix ratio. Doing so can cause undesirable results. Diluting the concentrate liquid more than recommended can result in poor bond and stabilization. Diluting less than recommended can result in curing clarity and application issues.-


What is the best way to apply BarkBinder?

Use a pressurized sprayer, either handheld or backpack. Apply liberally according to recommended coverage rates for consistent coverage and bonding with the wood fibers.

How is BarkBinder diluted?

BarkBinder is a liquid concentrate and that to be diluted with 4 to 1 with water before use. A 1-gallon bottle of BarkBinder will make 5 gallons of usable BarkBinder diluted solution. For a 2-gallon pressurized sprayer 51 ounces of BarkBinder concentrate is needed and the remainder will be filled with water up to the 2-gallon mark.

How much BarkBinder needs to be applied?

Once the BarkBinder concentrate has been mixed with water to create ready-to-use diluted solution, evenly apply by spraying the liquid at a rate of 25 square feet (ft2) per gallon over the surface of the ground cover. It is recommended to mark off a 25 square foot area and apply 1-gallon of BarkBinder diluted solution to get an idea of what the surface should look like when properly applied at the correct ratio.

What if there is remaining dilution solution in the 1-gallon sprayer after covering 25 square feet (ft2)?

By marking out a 25 ft2 area, it is much easier to gauge the accuracy of the coverage rate. If additional liquid is remaining, reapply the remaining liquid onto the ground cover until the entire 1-gallon is used.

How long does it take for BarkBinder to cure?

In optimal weather conditions, BarkBinder treated ground cover should cure within 24 – 48 hours. BarkBinder is a water-based product and curing is dependent upon evaporation of the water component. When the surface looks dry and is firm to the touch, the surface is fully cured. Cool weather, shade and cloudy conditions will lengthen curing times.

What if BarkBinder is accidentally sprayed onto plants or vegetation?

BarkBinder is EPA-compliant and not harmful to people, animals, fish and wildlife. If any liquid is accidentally sprayed onto any plants, shrubs, trees or other vegetation, use a garden hose and nozzle on mist setting to gently remove any residue.

How soon can I apply BarkBinder before or after a rain event?

It is usually recommended to apply BarkBinder when there will be no rain events 48 – 72 hours before or after application. If the mulch or bark ground cover is saturated it will not allow BarkBinder to fully absorb into the wood fiber, greatly affecting the sealant and bond strength of the product. If rain is forecast within 72 hours it is recommended to wait for dryer conditions. This is most important in cool, shaded and overcast conditions, since this will affect evaporation and slow the curing process.

What if BarkBinder has been applied and it will rain before the material has fully cured?

If rain is forecast before the surface has cured, it is recommended to cover the treated area with plastic to avoid oversaturation. Remove plastic after the rain event to allow for evaporation and curing.

Will colder weather effect BarkBinder from curing?

Since BarkBinder is water-based and curing is dependent upon evaporation, cold weather will often prolong the curing process of the treated surface. BarkBinder still can be applied in cooler temperatures. It is not recommended to apply BarkBinder if the low temperature falls below 55º F during the application and curing process.

Can BarkBinder be applied in hot conditions?

It is recommended to apply BarkBinder when the temperature is below 90º F. In warmer months it is recommended to apply BarkBinder in the early morning hours to avoid polymer flashing from excessive heat.-


What is the best way to ensure success on a BarkBinder project?

By following the basic product recommendations for use including a good weather window, complimentary bark or mulch ground cover, and proper dilution and application rates. BarkBinder helps planter beds look better for a longer period of time.-


Can BarkBinder be used on existing bark or mulch?

In most cases the answer is yes, but it’s important to note the condition of the existing bark or mulch and if it is a recommended ground cover for BarkBinder. Most ground covers decompose over time, so it would not be recommended to apply BarkBinder to aged mulch that is decomposing. If that is the case, install a 1” – 2” layer of fresh mulch over the top and then apply BarkBinder to the new material. If the existing mulch has been installed for less than a year and all other product recommendations are in line, it should be fine to proceed with the BarkBinder application. If any doubts, perform a small test section first to determine suitability.-


How do I clean my tools and pressurized sprayer after using BarkBinder?

When finished applying BarkBinder, simply rinse off your tools with water. Flush the pressurized sprayer with water. If the sprayer tip has any residue, simply use water and a soft bristle brush or cloth and to remove. It is recommended to clean equipment immediately after use.-


How often does BarkBinder need to be re-applied?

BarkBinder is a UV resistant sealant and stabilizer for fibrous and shredded bark and mulch. In average conditions, a maintenance coat is recommended every 12 – 24 months. The maintenance process is dependent upon the amount of usage and weather conditions. In high foot traffic settings or inclement weather conditions, more frequent maintenance will be required.

How can I repair any loose or damaged areas?

Nominal erosion can occur over time or from weather events. These areas will often be small and are very easy to fix. To repair, add additional ground cover as needed and apply BarkBinder diluted solution to the loose material with a pressurized sprayer, by saturating the material at the recommended coverage rate.-


What should I expect from a BarkBinder treated surface?

BarkBinder provides a durable, topical stabilization for mulch and bark but still requires occasional care and maintenance. In average conditions a maintenance coat is recommended every 12 – 18 months. A BarkBinder maintenance coat helps to rejuvenate and strengthen the top surface bond. The maintenance process is usually dependent upon the amount of foot traffic and weather conditions. Between the time of the original application and any maintenance coats, there may be a need for some minor repairs in areas where the ground cover was displaced and it is recommended to repair these areas promptly.-


How should opened and unopened material be stored?

In either instance BarkBinder should be stored in an area that meets two vital conditions; no direct exposure to sunlight and within the recommended temperature range. The shelf-life of BarkBinder is 4+ years if stored in optimal conditions. For opened BarkBinder containers make sure that the container is airtight and the lid is securely fastened. If the original container has been compromised then it is recommended to transfer the product to a compatible container. Improper storage can result in the polymer formulation being compromised.-


What is the warranty for BarkBinder?

TechniSoil Global, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects. Where permitted by law, TechniSoil makes no other warranties with respect to this product, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. The purchaser shall be responsible to orchestrate their own tests to determine the suitability of this product for their particular purpose. TechniSoil’s liability shall be limited in all events to supplying sufficient product to re-treat the specific areas to which product proven to be defective has been applied. Acceptance and use of this product absolves TechniSoil from any other liability, from any and all sources, including liability for incidental, consequential or resultant damages whether due to breach of warranty, negligence or strict liability. This warranty may not be modified or extended by representatives of TechniSoil, its distributors or dealers, independent contractors, clients or end-users of any kind.-


Where can I buy BarkBinder?

All TechniSoil Global, Inc. products are sold exclusively by Authorized TechniSoil Dealers. Searching for a local Dealer is easy with our online Dealer Locator.

If I have any other questions, how do I contact TechniSoil Global, Inc. directly?

For any other questions about the TechniSoil Global, Inc. product line, please visit us online at http://www.technisoil.com or contact us by phone at 877-356-2250.

What size packaging is BarkBinder available in?

BarkBinder is available for sale in the following packages;