About this product:

TrowelPave®Speed Set Concrete is a permanent, free-form leveling compound forSpeed Set Concrete pavement repair and renovation. The patented installation technology is commonly used for potholes, transition repair, overlays, and ADA compliant ramps. TrowelPave is a kit for the DIY and Contractors available in handy 25 pound reusable buckets. The environmentally safe mix trowels into place by hand and smooths over jagged surfaces forging a bond strong enough for heavy equipment traffic.

Features & Benefits
  • Strong, durable, permanentSpeed Set Concrete transition repair

  • Supports car, truck, forklift, & heavy equipment traffic

  • Leveling compound for adjoining uneven surfaces

  • Finish & compact with a standardSpeed Set Concrete trowel

  • Commonly used for cracks, expansion joints, holes, lifted sections, & more

  • Feather edge mix design

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

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