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How to choose a hardscape sealer [Video]

August 14, 2017.technisoil.1 Like.0 Comments

How to choose a hardscape sealer [Video]

Featuring: Molecule [DS] | Molecule [JSS] | Molecule [VMS] | Molecule [HS]


Selecting a hardscape sealer to use on pavers, natural stone, or decorative concrete can be challenging. There are lots of buying options. In this video, we take a few minutes to show you a live stain resistance demonstration, breakdown some of those buying options, and explain why Molecule brand sealers brought to you by TechniSoil are worth considering.

We discuss four products in particular; Molecule [DS] Driveway Sealer; Molecule [JSS] Paver Joint Stabilizer & Sealer; Molecule [VMS] Vertical Masonry Sealer, and; Molecule [HS] Hardscape Shampoo.

Each Molecule brand product is power-packed with a penetrating, stain resistant polymer formulation. The beading effect repels nearly any liquid at the surface level, drastically reducing stain penetration which can cause permanent discoloration.

Each individual Molecule brand product is then specifically formulated to work on a variety of applications.

[DS] Driveway Sealer fends off nasty tire-tracking and protects the hardscape investment in the toughest of environments.

[JSS] Paver Joint Stabilizer & Sealer blends a stabilization polymer that penetrates and locks up paver sand joints up to 1/4″ wide.

[VMS] Vertical Masonry Sealer uses a boosted adhesive property to prevent runs for application to vertical surfaces.

[HS] Hardscape Shampoo is a versatile cleaner that works like a wash & wax for just about any hardscape surface and can be used at any time for initial prep or maintenance.

For more information on Molecule line of products, visit or any one of our social media channels. We have videos, FAQ sections, installation guides, project photos, and so much more. Of course, if you come up with that question that just can’t be answered – shoot us a call or email by visiting our Contact Us page.

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