About this product:

Top Coat Tack Coat is a life cycle maintenance product used on TrowelPave Concrete repairs. The dual purpose coating dramatically increases adhesion to the repair surface and significantly reduces abrasion of the plasticomposite patching material when used as a top coat for maintenance. Top Coat Tack Coat is recommended for use on city sidewalk repairs and any municipal or commercial project with high volume pedestrian, bicycle, or vehicle traffic. TrowelPave Tack Coat Asphalt increases surface adhesion with TrowelPave Asphalt pothole repairs.

Features & Benefits
  • Increases repair adhesion

  • Ideal for use in heavy traffic areas

  • Concrete Top Coat reduces surface abrasion

  • Extends the life of any TrowelPave repair

  • As a tack coat, covers up to 1 square foot per ounce

  • Available in Concrete (24 fl oz) and Asphalt (38 fl oz)

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

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