About this product:

TrowelPave® Bulk is a pallet quantity unit with large volume packaging specifically designed for Paving & Slurry Seal Contractors, Municipalities, State & Federal Public Works Departments, and Facility Managers. It comes complete with 5-gallon buckets of either TrowelPave Asphalt or Concrete aggregate mix matched with 1-gallon bottles of Liquid Binding Agent respectively. TrowelPave Bulk also represents a turnkey pothole patch & repair business opportunity when combined with complementary equipment including the TrowelPave Mixer and Plate Compactor.

Features & Benefits
  • Turnkey business when combined with pickup truck and optional equipment (sold separately)

  • Ideal packaging and storage for municipality public works and road maintenance departments

  • Palletized unit includes (32) 68lb 5-gallon buckets of aggregate and (16) 1-gallon bottles of Liquid Binding Agent

  • (1) pallet of material covers up to 110 square feet of repairs at an average of 2" in depth

  • Mix 136 pounds of material in minutes using a common mortar mixer (2:1 bucket to bottle ratio)

  • Compact large repair areas with a plate compactor for maximum strength

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Turnkey Business

A neverending suppy of potholes translates to a steady stream of work for a mobile pavement patching business. A business like that would normally require hundreds of thousands in investment capital, until now. With TrowelPave available in bulk packaging, a mobile pavement patching business startup only requires a few pieces of equipment, tools, a pickup truck, and a 1 - 2 person crew. The same model is remarkably efficient for federal, state, and municipality level public works and road maintenance departments. The business is not solely limited to potholes; ADA ramps, forklift ramps, utility cut-outs, curbs, driveway aprons, and drainage inlets are just a few of the many projects perfect for TrowelPave.

Pothole Repair

Potholes in blacktop pavement are as common as clouds in the sky. They cause expensive damage to cars and trucks traveling on our city streets and busy highways. From residential driveways to commercial parking lots, hot mix asphalt (HMA) is the most widely used vehicle surface in the world. TrowelPave Asphalt is a DIY permanent, cold mix, cold applied pothole repair patch for asphalt pavement. It can be installed in any depth, shape, or size from 1/4" up to 4" or more. As the name suggests, the blended material can be set in place and compacted with nothing more than a common concrete trowel or it can be installed in bulk volume with a few basic tools and a 1 - 2 person crew.

Transition Repair

Transition repair is the one-size-fits-all approach to fixing broken blacktop pavement. Asphalt repair products commonly fail in areas of variable depth. Bagged cold patch is nearly impossible to shape and falls apart quickly, and conversely, latex slurry products only function in shallow areas and rarely make it through one winter. TrowelPave Asphalt is a superior product in all phases. The blended material can easily be finished to a knife edge using a hand trowel, and with compaction, can surpass the strength of hot mix asphalt (HMA) itself. TrowelPave is the permananent solution for ramps, curbs, broken edges, lips, steps, driveway aprons, utility cut-outs, and just about anything else.

Alligator Crack Overlay

One of the toughest problems in asphalt repair is thin or uneven cracks and impressions. Alligator cracks in blacktop pavement are random and vary greatly in size. Common crack filling products will not provide much in the line of structural integrity and cold patch product substrates are too large to fit into smaller void spaces. These applications are where TrowelPave truly shines. TrowelPave Asphalt can be spread over the top of alligator cracks and impressions to a depth as shallow as 1/4". There is no need to chip away the old pavement, TrowelPave will adhere to the surface creating a new, flush surface after compaction.

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