Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




BarkSealer is a ready-to-use sealant that enhances and preserves the natural or dyed color of bark and mulch ground cover materials. It is eco-friendly, VOC-free, and easily applied using a common handheld or backpack pump sprayer.

BarkSealer defends against UV ray and weather degradation to the natural appearance of bark and mulch with a protective coating that can be applied to any bark or mulch ground cover material. Application is fast, simple, and safe for use around pets and the landscaped environment.

BarkSealer is also available with three colorant additive options (sold separately); Redwood (red), Oak (brown), Obsidian (black). By mixing the colorant additive directly with ready-to-use BarkSealer, any natural or dyed ground cover material can be restored back to its original, vibrant color quickly and easily.



Before starting a project what should be done to ensure best results?

  1. Calculate the square footage of the project area to determine the required amount of BarkSealer needed.
  2. Pause irrigation sprinklers and check weather forecast for any precipitation within 72 hours of applying BarkSealer.
  3. Perform a small test section to determine suitability of materials, especially if using BarkSealer colorant additives.


What should I expect from a surface treated with BarkSealer?

BarkSealer is a UV-resistant sealant solution for use on nearly all types of bark and mulch ground cover products made from wood. The fast curing coating enhances and protects the color of natural or artificially colored materials. When blended with our colorant additive products, BarkSealer will bring faded or sun-bleached bark and mulch products back to life.

Why is BarkSealer better than other options?

BarkSealer is VOC-free, ready-to-use, and environmentally safe for use around people, pets, and landscaping. The BarkSealer colorant additives (sold separately) mix easily and provides a long-lasting, vibrant, color enhancing coating to nearly any bark or mulch ground cover material.

Will BarkSealer extend the life of my ground cover material?

BarkSealer will enrich the visual aesthetic of bark and mulch ground covers, especially dyed materials. Some dyed ground covers are prone to fast color fading, BarkSealer was designed to extend the life of that investment. By adding BarkSealer colorant additives, even faded mulch can look like new again. It is important to note however, all wood based bark or mulch materials will decompose over time naturally. Adding BarkSealer can slow that process, but it will become necessary to install new ground cover from time to time.



What are the most common projects to use BarkSealer on?

BarkSealer is most commonly used on any type of bark or mulch ground covers including shredded, nuggets, chips, dyed, and recycled materials of any size.

How do BarkSealer colorant additives work?

BarkSealer colorant additives are sold separately and mix directly with BarkSealer for application to all types of bark and mulch ground cover. There are three commonly used ground cover colors to choose from; Redwood (red), Oak (brown), and Obsidian (black). Simply pour the designated amount of colorant directly into ready-to-use BarkSealer, mix, and apply. The blended mixture provides a vibrant color coating to nearly any wood substrate.

Can I use BarkSealer without adding colorants?

Yes. BarkSealer is commonly used as a natural, clear sealant for dyed bark and mulch materials to help preserve the original color and minimize fading from weather and UV rays. BarkSealer comes ready-to-use in the bottle and can be poured directly into a pump sprayer for application.



What tools are required to prepare the surface and apply BarkSealer?

Pressurized sprayer (25-40 psi), plastic to cover surrounding areas from accidental spills or overspray.

What is the best tool for BarkSealer application?

Using a pressurized sprayer (garden, pump, or backpack are recommended) is the preferred method.



How is BarkSealer applied?

Using a pressurized sprayer, apply BarkSealer at the recommended rates based over your bark or mulch ground cover. Since these sort of materials vary widely, the application rate may fluctuate by comparison to recommendations. Apply more BarkSealer anywhere needed, especially when using colorant additives.

Can I apply multiple coats of BarkSealer?

Yes. This is more common when colorant additives are being used. After the initial application coat cures, the ground cover can be turned over using a rake so another application coat may be applied. To find the desired aesthetic, it is always recommended to perform a small test section first. Do not divide recommended initial application rates into multiple coats. Under-applying or dividing application coats of BarkSealer is unnecessary, and in turn, can create other issues.

How long does it take for BarkSealer to cure?

In optimal conditions the surface will cure in 6 - 12 hours. Humidity, temperature and atmospheric conditions can cause the curing time windows to fluctuate. BarkSealer is a water-based product and the curing process is based on evaporation of the water component.

How soon can I apply BarkSealer before and after a rain event?

It is not recommended to apply BarkSealer 24 - 48 hours before or after a heavy rain event. Light rains are not usually an issue, but heavy or prolonged rains before or after applying BarkSealer should be avoided. If rain is forecast within 48 hours it is recommended to wait for dryer conditions.

What should I do if it rains before BarkSealer has cured?

If rain is forecast before the surface has cured, it is recommended to tarp the treated area with plastic. If possible, keep the tarp suspended above the hardscape surface to allow airflow and prevent any sealant damage. Remove plastic after the rain event to allow for evaporation and curing.

Will colder weather affect the BarkSealer curing process?

Since BarkSealer is water-based and curing is dependent upon evaporation, cold weather will often prolong the curing process of BarkSealer. It is not recommended to apply BarkSealer if the low temperature falls below 40 degrees during the application and curing process.

Can I apply BarkSealer in hot conditions?

It is recommended to apply BarkSealer when the outside temperature is between 40º - 90º F. In warmer months it is recommended to apply BarkSealer in the morning hours.

Can I apply BarkSealer if the ground cover material is still damp?

Yes. Avoid applying BarkSealer if the surface is oversaturated, as it can affect the ability of BarkSealer to fully absorb as well as consistency when using color additives. Please refer to our weather guidelines for rain events, before and after installation.

How soon after applying BarkSealer can I use the treated area?

BarkSealer can cure as quickly as 6 hours in some conditions, but it is advised to wait 24 - 48 hours before allowing foot traffic.

How do I know the area treated with BarkSealer is fully cured?

The ground cover material will be dry to the touch. If any areas appear to be a milky white color, it typically needs more time to cure.

Can BarkSealer be applied to planter areas with underground bulbs or plants, shrubs, & trees?

Yes. BarkSealer is safe for use around vegetation and will not inhibit growth.

What if BarkSealer is accidentally sprayed onto plants or vegetation?

BarkSealer is EPA-compliant and not harmful to people, animals, fish and wildlife. If any liquid is accidentally sprayed onto any plants, shrubs, trees or other vegetation, use a garden hose and nozzle on mist setting to gently remove any residue.

Will BarkSealer and the colorant additives stain adjacent structures or hardscape areas?

Yes. It is important to exercise caution when spraying BarkSealer around structures, close proximity landscaping, or hardscaped areas. BarkSealer can stain these areas, especially when coupled with the colorant additives. If a spill or overspray occurs, immediately clean the area with water. If the staining occurs on concrete or hardscaped areas, acetone and water may be used in conjunction with a sponge or scrub brush.



What is the best way to ensure success on a BarkSealer project?

BarkSealer is very easy to apply for contractor or DIY homeowner. Always consider recommended application rates, temperature, and weather conditions during application and cure.



Can BarkSealer be used on existing bark or mulch ground cover materials?

Yes. If the ground cover is significantly aged and decomposing, it is recommended to install a fresh layer of material before applying BarkSealer.



What is the best way to clean my tools after applying the BarkSealer?

When finished applying BarkSealer, simply rinse off your tools with water. For pressurized sprayers it is recommended to rinse out the lines by spraying clean water through the system. If there are any clogs in the sprayer tip, use a soft bristle brush and water to remove. It is recommended to clean equipment immediately after use.



How often do I need to apply a BarkSealer maintenance coat?

A maintenance coat may be applied at any time bark or mulch is replenished or overturned. For maintenance coats, consult standard product guidelines.



What should I expect from a BarkSealer treated surface?

BarkSealer is a durable, enhancing sealant solution at may only need maintenance every 24 - 48 months. However, maintenance coats can be applied at any time to meet the desired aesthetic.



How should opened and unopened material be stored?

In either instance BarkSealer should be stored in an area that meets two vital conditions; no direct exposure to sunlight and within the recommended temperature range. The shelf-life of BarkSealer is 4+ years if stored in optimal conditions. For opened BarkSealer containers make sure that the container is airtight and the lid is securely fastened. If the original container has been compromised then it is recommended to transfer the product to a compatible container. Improper storage can result in the polymer formulation being compromised.



What is the warranty for BarkSealer?

TechniSoil Global, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects. Where permitted by law, TechniSoil makes no other warranties with respect to this product, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. The purchaser shall be responsible to orchestrate their own tests to determine the suitability of this product for their particular purpose. TechniSoil’s liability shall be limited in all events to supplying sufficient product to re-treat the specific areas to which product proven to be defective has been applied. Acceptance and use of this product absolves TechniSoil from any other liability, from any and all sources, including liability for incidental, consequential or resultant damages whether due to breach of warranty, negligence or strict liability. This warranty may not be modified or extended by representatives of TechniSoil, its distributors or dealers, independent contractors, clients or end-users of any kind.



Where can I buy BarkSealer?

All TechniSoil Global, Inc. products are sold exclusively by Authorized TechniSoil Dealers. Searching for a local Dealer is easy with our online Dealer Locator.

If I have any other questions, how do I contact TechniSoil Global, Inc. directly?

For any other questions about the TechniSoil Global, Inc. product line, please visit us online at or contact us by phone at 877-356-2250.

Does BarkSealer contain any harmful chemicals?

No. BarkSealer is a VOC-free, EPA-compliant, and environmentally responsible liquid polymer product that is not harmful to plants, animals, aquatic life, or waterways.

What is the difference between BarkSealer and BarkBinder?

BarkBinder is specifically designed to stabilize fibrous, shredded bark and mulch ground cover materials to help reduce erosion from wind and water. BarkBinder is great for planter beds and common areas where regular maintenance with a leaf blower occurs. BarkSealer is designed to enhance and help preserve the color of any type of bark or mulch ground cover material. BarkSealer is especially useful on dyed materials as they are often prone to fading quickly. Colorant additives can also be mixed with BarkSealer to treat and restore ground cover to its original, vibrant color.

What size packaging is BarkSealer available in?

BarkSealer is available for sale in the following packages;

  • 1-gallon bottle
  • 5-gallon bottle
  • 55-gallon drum (special order)
  • 275-gallon tote (special order)

BarkSealer Colorant Additives are available for sale in the following packages;

  • 16-ounce bottle


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