Rammed Earth
Architectural Elements

Rammed Earth
Architectural Elements

About this product:

Hand-made architectural pieces to compliment and complete any backyard. Rich textures available in both decomposed granite and sedimentary DG. Current pieces being offered include fire pits, pathway paver stones, and seat walls. Unlike traditional rammed earth constructs, which are built in place, our Rammed Earth Architectural Elements are bound with our patented polymer technology, allowing them to be repositioned, stacked, and shipped.

Features & Benefits:
  • Modern Architectural Elements

  • Unique, Modern, Natural Aesthetic

  • Hand Made - no two are the same

  • Rich Textures

  • Can be Repositioned

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Rammed Earth Fire Pits

Rammed Earth Seat Walls

Rammed Earth Paver Stones

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