Molecule [VMS]

Molecule [VMS]

About this product:

Molecule [VMS] Vertical Masonry Sealer from TechniSoil represents next-generation water-based sealer technology specifically designed for vertical stone veneer, stucco, and brick masonry. It provides robust stain resistance without leaving a film or altering the surface aesthetic.. Molecule [VMS] is VOC-free, ready-to-use out of the bottle, and easy to apply using a handheld pump sprayer, roller, or brush. One single application reduces staining from graffiti, debris, and most liquids while limiting freeze-thaw damage in harsh, cold weather climates.

Features & Benefits
  • Next-Generation sealer technology

  • Penetrating surface protectant

  • Zero sheen natural look finish

  • Reduces freeze-thaw damage

  • Breathable stain repellency

  • Ready-to-Use out of the bottle

  • Easy pump sprayer, roller, or brush application

  • Quick drying action limits downtime

  • For use on residential & commercial stone veneer, stucco, brick masonry, block, & many other vertical hardscape surfaces

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