About this product:

The EkoFlo Bucket Kit comes complete with ready-to-use decorative pebbles and EkoFlo permeable pavement binder. This DIY kit is ideal for small to midsize projects around the home and relieves the installer of sourcing and preparation of complementary pebbles. Each kit includes 48 pounds of clean, dry 3/8" pebbles and an enclosed installation pouch with 16-ounce bottle of EkoFlo, safety gloves, installation guide, and safety information all tucked inside a heavy duty mixing bucket. The mixing process is even easier when using the EkoFlo Mixing Wand drill attachment (sold separately). Once mixed thoroughly, the blended material can be poured into place and smoothed to an even finish using a trowel.

Features & Benefits
  • Ready-to-Use DIY bucket kit includes pebbles, EkoFlo binder, safety gloves, and instructions

  • EkoFlo is a permeable pavement binder commonly used for walkways, patios, tree wells, and other landscaping surfaces

  • (1) 50-pound bucket kit covers up to 4 square feet at recommended 1.5" installation depth

  • Mix directly in bucket with EkoFlo Mixing Wand drill attachment (sold separately)

  • Blended material trowels easily into place and forms a rigid surface that allows water to pass through easily

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