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We had a problem……..we found a solution……..TROWELPAVE!

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A common problem that often requires constant maintenance with or the high cost of repaving. Always long-lasting…… TROWELPAVE!

They say that necessity is the Mother of invention. It is hard to disagree.

A few years back we had a problem at our factory. The concrete slab leading in and out of our bottling facility had settled over the years, which created a 3” ‘lip’, which became not just an annoyance, but a liability. You see, our forklifts would traverse this area dozens of times each day and inevitably there would be a snafu……..maybe it was losing a few pails of bottled product if the bump was hit at the wrong angle or the extra maintenance to the forklifts from the wear and tear.

We’ve all faced similar issues, whether it is broken patio slab at your house or tripping over a heaved and uneven sidewalk at the park. These are REAL, everyday problems. If you have an asphalt driveway, a concrete patio, drive down the road dodging potholes or have almost ‘done a header’ tripping over a compromised sidewalk; you know what I mean- In our case, something had to be done.

From our specific need we found a solution and developed from it a line of ASPHALT and CONCRETE ‘road repair’ products- TROWELPAVE

TROWELPAVE……….We’re making things ‘whole’ again!

Cracked Pavement? We have a solution….TROWELPAVE!

As a company, from our beginnings TechniSoil Global has specialized in developing a unique array of landscape and hardscape products, such as our ‘Flagship’ product G3 Pathway Stabilizer…….. Yet for every customer that is looking for a ‘natural surface’ for their paths, garden or patio……well, there’s got to be 100,000 potholes, broken concrete, trip hazards and the like for every single, ‘unique’ landscape design.

Potholes- Spalling- Alligator Cracks- Lifted Concrete- Trip hazard- Uneven Surfaces

 Regardless, in our case something had to be done. Remove and replace the concrete slab? That was costly and time consuming. Instead we found a solution- TROWELPAVE!

Stronger than any cold-patch ASPHALT or CONCRETE patch kits- TROWELPAVE! We can fix ‘ALMOST’ any problem……….ALMOST……….

A perfect job EVERY TIME. The exact amount of aggregate, binder…….and even a tack/top coat for even a stronger repair!



TROWELPAVE is 2-3x stronger than hot mix asphalt!


How about we develop a product to ‘fix’ these types of problems? One that uses recycled aggregates (RAP and reconstituted Concrete)! How about a solution that uses a ‘plasti-composite’ binder?! Well, what is a ‘Plasti-composite’ binder? It means that we are sequestering ‘PET’ plastics in our binder……Not only are we ‘re-using’ a waste plastic to keep it out of landfills…….our rivers……oceans, etc. This plastic waste is actually making our asphalt and concrete repairs LAST LONGER! Like 2-3 times longerlasting than standard bitumen and more flexible and forgiving than a standard concrete. Using our patented G5- technology, which is being used to ‘recycle asphalt roads’ (2-3x stronger than traditional asphalt), we created the ‘strongest’ pavement repair system on the market! Period! The STRONGEST!

Check out a recent article about our Sister-Company, TechniSoil Industrial and their innovative technology to ‘RECYCLE ROADS’……100%!

TechniSoil uses approximately 2,300kg of recycled PET plastic per miles on a 2-lane road, which equates to around 395,000 plastic bottles

From which came………..TROWELPAVE!!!!!!

Raise your hands if you’ve hammered into one of these……Whether on the road, the parking lot or your own driveway; TROWELPAVE is ‘harder than nails’!

I know that’s a bold statement, but I’ll stick 100% behind those words. We have worked for 4 years in conjunction with the University of Nevada’s School of Civil Engineering to study, test and in the end, prove that we indeed can make repairs that work better and last longer. The City of Los Angeles and CALTrans (California Dept. of Transportation) are continuing to research the abilities of TROWELPAVE even further; in their testing laboratories, as well in ‘real World’ applications. Add to that, nearly 30 other road departments have been using our products for the past couple of years- so far, the results have exceeded all expectations.



We offer a full VMS set up to ALL of our TROWELPAVE dealers! Product, literature and videos; as easy education for customers. In a few minutes, you’re a PRO!

So, what is the logical next step? Well, a number of our retail dealers have already begun marketing and selling TROWELPAVE! And those that are stocking, well they’ve been selling a lot! The realization is that every customer that is buying mulch for their tree wells also has cracks in their concrete walkway or alligator cracks in their driveway- now that dealer can offer another product for their customer’s convenience. Add to that the Municipalities that buy products for their Parks and Recreation, School Districts, etc. Don’t forget about the needs of an HOA or a Commercial Real Estate company……It really boils down to the fact that ‘EVERYONE’ that has any asphalt or concrete will eventually need to make a repair….or 20- it’s just inevitable.


These products ALL come as a ‘Bucket Kit’……

*The exact amount of aggregate + Binder to assure 100% results each time!

ALL TROWELPAVE products are ADA-Compliant!

ALL TROWELPAVE products are EPA-Compliant!

NON-LEACHING and Eco-Friendly!


TROWELPAVE Speed-Set– Permanent Pothole repair! From your ‘common’ pothole needs + everything a traditional asphalt patch cannot; Shallow potholes? Check! Irregular sizes (no need to make square)? Yes indeed! Alligator cracks?????? You bet! Why keep repairing these areas again and again, when TROWELPAVE Speedset can get the job done with one application?

TROWELPAVE 5-YearRUNWAY-GRADE! We put our money where our mouths are! 5-year was made for ‘Heavy use’ asphalt repairs……for those ‘troubled’ areas that just seem to fall apart with other cold-patch, and even hot-mix repairs. Highways, Military roads, Construction/Equipment Yards, Parking Lots too! Where other cold patch products fail…..TROWELPAVE 5-Year can take the punishment! With a specialty blend of high-density aggregates, you can attain up to 6500 psi with proper compaction!

TROWELPAVE Crack Attack- Specialized for ½-2” wide cracks, where commonly used liquid and rubberized crack sealers FAIL! Using a specialty mix of finer aggregates, making it easy and fast to repair. Strong-Durable-Permanent! No compaction equipment needed, simply finish and compact using a standard concrete trowel or slicker jointer. This is a special blend of finer aggregates and fines that are best suited for cracks and expansion joints, where standard patching aggregates are too large

TROWELPAVE ReThink Protectant and Sealer- Repair, rejuvenate and recolor your asphalt surface! ‘Almost’ 100% VOC-Free, but EPA-compliant nonetheless! Regain and retain the life of your asphalt. ReThink can be used to restore old asphalt and seal new repairs! Unlike traditional slurry seals, that either require a contractor, are ‘TOXIC’ or aren’t effective in a few months; ReThink is long-lasting and easy-to-apply; all you need is a standard ‘Push Broom’!


TROWELPAVE Speed-Set- This is the ‘trip hazard’ SOLUTION! Another easy-to-use product that works great for spalling, missing concrete; as well as, overlays, transitions and ADA-compliant ramps. Ever tripped or stumbled on a raised sidewalk? Tree roots or settling ground that creates an uneven surface? In NYC alone, the annual ‘pay-out’ from trip hazard lawsuits is in the 10’s of MILLIONS!!! Save the time and money of ripping out and replacing. No need to go through the time, cost and ineffectiveness of grinding concrete- TROWELPAVE Speed-Set Concrete is a fast and effective solution!

TROWELPAVE 5-Year and HEAVY DUTY- 5-Year Concrete, like its Asphalt equivalent does what it says! It will work in areas where repatching concrete isn’t effective of practical. Using our ‘Tack Coat’ (included in the bucket kit) to help assure a full bond to the existing surface you can avoid the dreaded ‘pop out’ issues. As well, using the ‘Top Coat’ application you can further waterproof the repair and make it able to withstand expansion/contraction and heaving from freeze/thaw.

HEAVY DUTY is designed for cracks, expansion joints, holes and lifted sections @ up to 6500 psi! HEAVY DUTY can be used in ‘feather-edge’ installations, is fast curing, and will stand up to vehicle and heavy equipment traffic. Both products are self-leveling in most applications and are suitable for City streets, highway traffic and even airport runways!

In a nutshell…….If you have a problem with asphalt and/or concrete, we can fix that!

You need something that is permanent and will last? We have solutions.

TROWELPAVE is designed to address the most common and the most difficult repairs……If you think you’ve tried everything, you haven’t. TROWELPAVE succeeds where other products FAIL! TROWELPAVE lasts, while other products DON’T!

DO IT ONCE……DO IT RIGHT……USE TROWELPAVE and EXPERIENCE 100% results! 100% of the time!

For more information please contact our Technical Support Department @ 877.356.2250 x 2 or for sales/orders x 1


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