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TrowelPave Asphalt works where common cold patch products fail [Video]

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 TrowelPave Asphalt works where common cold patch products fail [Video]

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TrowelPave Asphalt is much more than a superior pothole repair product. It can be used to repair thin areas, deep areas, and everything in between. In this video, we demonstrate how to fix an odd shaped pothole using a 20-pound bucket of TrowelPave Asphalt, a Mixing Wand & Bucket, and a trowel.

Asphalt cold patch is consistently good at one thing – FAILURE. It is a cheap, temporary fix for a never-ending stream of potholes. TrowelPave is a permanent solution that stops the recurring cycle of pothole repair.

This repair was focused on a narrow parking lot crevice that had once been repaired with cold patch. The cold patch failed and ultimately eroded away.

After cleaning the area, we are ready to get started. We mix the specialty blend of aggregates and the liquid binding agent inside a 5-gallon bucket using the TrowelPave Mixing Wand and a 1/2″ drive cordless drill driver. The material spins quickly and easily in only 1 – 2 minutes.

Once the material is consistent in color, we pour it into place. A common concrete trowel is used to smooth the mix over the crevice and into small alligator cracks. TrowelPave Asphalt is exceptionally capable of covering depths from 1/2″ up to 4″ or more.

In fact, TrowelPave is so strong it even broke our trowel!

Once the material is in place, it can be driven on almost immediately. In a perfect world scenario, allow TrowelPave to cure for 2 – 4 hours before using.

For more information on TrowelPave Asphalt, including install guide, videos, FAQ’s, and important safety information, visit our product page here.

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