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The Strongest Pothole Patch In The World

July 23, 2018.technisoil.1 Like.0 Comments

Potholes continue to plague cities around the world, costing millions of dollars every year. What’s available on the market right now are cold patch asphalt repair solutions. These are what you would call a “quick-fix” product that must be replaced every couple of months if not every month. With new potholes popping up (well not up, but you get the point) all the time, it doesn’t seem right that the cold patch “quick fixes” should be the go-to for pothole repair. Now enter 5-Year Pothole Patch: Runway Grade Asphalt and 5-Year Pothole Patch: Highway Grade Concrete by TechniSoil. These asphalt and concrete pothole solutions provide a fast setting plasticomposite patching material that was designed for vertical wall potholes. By installing 5-Year Pothole Patch you are guaranteed a fix that will last at least 5 years if not longer.

A cost comparison chart was created to show the cost over time between a cold patch pothole repair product and a plasticomposite patching system.

5-Year Pothole Patch: Highway Grade Concrete is stronger than the concrete it was placed into.

5-Year Pothole Patch: Runway Grade Asphalt will outlast the asphalt it was placed into.

“The strongest Pothole Patch in The World” is a pretty lofty claim, that’s why we created this graphic to show the compressive strength of other pothole patches compared to 5-Year.

As you can see, 5-Year Pothole Patch has a compressive strength of 6,500 PSI which is more than triple the strength of cold patch asphalt, hot mix asphalt and concrete. After compaction, 5-Year cures to that 6,500 PSI and can be opened for heavy traffic use immediately! Thanks to extensive testing, TechniSoil is certain that this is the strongest vertical wall pothole patch on the market.

By using 5-Year Pothole Patch you are ensuring that your pothole repair is strong, durable and permanent, saving you time, money and heartache.

Check out our demo video on how to install 5-Year Pothole Patch:

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