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TechniSoil Rammed Earth Architectural Elements

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Rammed Earth fire pit and seat wall complete a backyard patio.

Rammed Earth Architectural Elements are the newest innovation product by TechniSoil. But rammed earth is by no means a new technique; in fact, its one of the oldest construction methods available. In this article, we’ll talk about what rammed earth is, its history, the current trends back to it as a building material, and what makes our products different.

Older than dirt…

Rammed earth is, at its most basic level, just dirt. A strong wooden form is built on-site and a damp mixture of local clay, earth, sand and gravel is added into the form and compressed by pounding the top of it. Layer by layer the structure is built up. Historically, it’s a process that is very labor intensive, but also very practical. The earliest rammed earth structures date to Neolithic archeological sites. Jiayu Pass, the most well-preserved pass in the Great Wall of China, features extensive use of rammed earth foundations.

A modern resurgence.

Recently, rammed earth has re-emerged as a choice in premium, high-end architecture. Rammed earth structures are very thermally dense, so they stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This combined with the ability to use local soils results in a modern aesthetic that is visually stunning and very environmentally conscious.

Remember though that we said this was a time-consuming process? That hasn’t changed since the stone age. What has changed, however, are our tools and methods. Rammed earth structures like these require a lot of specialized equipment, that all has to be brought in on-site to build, driving up the costs on designs like these.

A different approach.

So what makes TechniSoil’s approach to rammed earth different? To start with, we aren’t making buildings, because they are too heavy to ship (our head of operations would not be pleased, and you do NOT want to be on her bad side…).
Traditional rammed earth wouldn’t ship well anyway, kind of like trying to take a sand castle home from the beach.
Sand castle
This is where TechniSoil Rammed Earth Architectural Elements really stand out. We make all our rammed earth pieces with our patented G5 binder. The resulting pieces are hard as concrete but have the sedimentary aesthetic that makes rammed earth so gorgeous. Additionally, being able to keep the manufacturing process in one place keeps the costs lower.

Completed with safety glass, valves, hoses, and burners from Warming Trends, our fire pits will be the centerpiece of your backyard patio for years. Available in both square and rectangular designs, in sedimentary and decomposed granite, with a selection of burner options, a rammed earth fire pit will complete any backyard.

Rectangular Sedimentary Rammed Earth Fire Pit

Available in 4′, 6′ and 8′ lengths, rammed earth seat walls will compliment our fire pits. Designed to either be used as stand alone benches or to be stacked, seat walls are available in both sedimentary and decomposed granite designs.

Rammed Earth Fire Pit with 8′ and 4′ seat walls.

For more information about TechniSoil’s Rammed Earth Architectural Elements, download our brochure here, or contact one of our friendly sales associates:

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