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How to slow the recurring cycle of pothole repair [Video]

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How to slow the recurring cycle of pothole repair [Video]

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Potholes are a plague for most cities all around the world. Despite the durability and longevity expectations for asphalt itself, there is a never-ending problem created once potholes develop. TrowelPave Asphalt is a permanent pothole repair solution that slows the recurring cycle of repairs.

Bagged cold patch products are temporary fixes at best. They are not designed to last and require more preparation labor for installation to guarantee their short lifespan. Particularly troubling, is the issue of flow. Flow is the change in diameter based on the direction of the maximum load. In layman’s terms regarding cold patch, it means the material gets smushed in the direction of car and truck traffic, effectively creating a new pothole inside the preexisting pothole. Imagine how a ball of silly putty changes in shape by patting it down with the palm of your hand.

In this video we take on a nasty, ankle-breaker of a pothole full of broken asphalt chunks and debris. It measured approximately three feet in diameter by more than two inches in depth in places.

First, we cleaned out the debris and swept the nearby area. Then we used TrowelPave Bulk packaging for the repair, including two 68-pound buckets of aggregate and a 1-gallon bottle of liquid binding agent mixed thoroughly in a common paddle mortar mixer.

To spread the material evenly, we relied on a 36″ grade rake and a common concrete trowel. Since this was a larger area, we compacted the material with a hand tamp. The trowel is great for smoothing out any tamp lines or uneven edges. Using a short back-and-forth action with the trowel also helps tighten the surface as well.

We utilized TrowelPave Bulk packaging to make this repair. See more on TrowelPave Bulk.

For more information on TrowelPave Asphalt, including install guide, videos, FAQ’s, and important safety information, visit our product page.

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