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Between a forklift and a hard place – How to build a warehouse entrance ramp [Video]

March 24, 2017.technisoil.0 Likes.0 Comments

Between a forklift and a hard place – How to build a warehouse entrance ramp [Video]

Featuring: TrowelPave Asphalt


TrowelPave Asphalt is much more than just a permanent pothole fix! In this video we showcase yet another TrowelPave repair that proves just how versatile and easy to use the product is.

One of our newer warehouse facilities had a major transition gap vertically down from the foundation to the asphalt parking lot. The span was more than 2″ from top to bottom. Forklifts regularly travel in and out of this bay carrying thousands of pounds of cargo.

The lip was such that it became dangerous to go over without a completely secured load. This presents two major problems; 1) Time lost to cargo spills, and; 2) Damage to the steering components on the forklifts. Both of these issues are very expensive to overcome.

The entire installation, including cleanup, took less than an hour for a 1-man crew using basic hand tools and a mortar mixer.

The ramp built from free-form TrowelPave Asphalt spanned approximately 15′ across and 2′ out from the foundation lip. We mixed two batches, totaling roughly 270 pounds of aggregate with 2 gallons of binder. Those numbers equate to approximately (7) TrowelPave 40-pound bucket kits by comparison, giving the end-user several options to get the job done.

Building the ramp was simply raked into place with a large grade rake and then sculpted to height, width, and depth using a round-edged concrete trowel. The material was compacted with a common hand tamp and allowed to dry.

The material was dry to the touch within minutes and was ready for traffic the following morning. This included curing overnight through some light rainfall. The following day forklifts were gliding over the new ramp with ease, no more cargo spills, no more forklift damage.

For more information on TrowelPave Asphalt, visit the product page at for installation guides, FAQ’s, and more.


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