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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”Benjamin Franklin

So, let me get this right. You landed here in search of a some landscape wisdom? Well, wisdom doesn’t come quick or easy, I can tell you that. There is no cheat code. Trust me, I tried. But rest assured, we will shoot you straight here and provide something beneficial to take away for your own landscape project.

As the saying goes however, you may have to get your hands dirty. Things are not always going to work out as planned. Like Homer Simpson’s valiant foray into the backyard, sometimes getting it right requires getting it wrong (once or twice).

The TechniSoil Blog is a landing spot for the first-time DIY’er and the journeyman Contractor, the Weekend Warrior and the award-winning Architect. Together, we compare notes and deliver a finished product to you in the form of pictures, video, and layman’s term explanations.

There is certainly no need for a bunch of ridiculous technical jargon here. You are busy, so let’s just get to the point right?

My name is Terry Jensen, and I will be serving as your site editor, curator, and author. I was a licensed landscape and hardscape contractor for nearly a decade during the early 2000’s. Designing and building custom landscapes was a true joy, and I enjoyed helping clients learn about new products and techniques to spice up their outdoor living areas. A back surgery in 2010 ended my run as a contractor but ultimately led to my discovery of TechniSoil, the manufacturing company developed by my mentor, friend, and our company President, Sean Weaver.

Our blog site is interactive, we want to hear from you and see your projects. Perhaps you may want to write a guest blog of your own some day, who knows?

At any rate, there are a zillion ways to get in touch with us. Shoot us a call or email, hit us up on any of our social media sites, write a letter, send smoke signals, fly carrier pigeons, or send a telegraph message. Wait a minute, our telegraph is on the fritz right now so you better try something else. You get the point, we’re here when you need us.

It is great to virtually meet you, I will be in touch soon.


Terry Jensen | TechniSoil Global, Inc.