About this product:

5-Year Pothole Patch: Runway Grade Asphalt is the strongest pothole patch in the world! The fast setting plasticomposite patching material meets the most stringent demands for repairing vertical wall potholes in high volume traffic areas such as freeways, airport runways, and military equipment roads. With required mechanical compaction, 5-Year Asphalt Pothole Patch cures to a compressive strength value up to 6500 PSI. Highways, streets, and parking lots can be opened for use immediately after compaction, making it a fast and strong asphalt repair solution.

Features & Benefits
  • Compressive strength of 6500PSI

  • Repairs vertical wall potholes in high use, heavy traffic areas

  • Available in 25 lb and 45 lb bucket kits

  • Requires mechanical compaction to achieve highest bond

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.4>

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